About Us

Thanks for joining me!

The Glassfront Project has been a desire of mine to lift off the ground for over a year now. As a child, and much to my mothers despair, i would dismantle the family pianos and watch the mechanisms in motion as i play. Upon purchasing my first instrument; the front was removed and never replaced. 

Although removing the front of the piano opens a world of interest… it has its impracticalities.

  • Volume. The tone changes drastically when you remove the front of the piano. It carries the sound equivalent of being hit in the face, along with changing the tone of the instrument entirely.
  • Practicality. You can’t keep the ‘lid’ of the piano (which covers the keys) on the instrument when you remove the front… because upon opening, the lid falls into the instrument. To add to this – no lid, no music stand. 
  • Upkeep. Dust! It is everywhere. Pianos are dust magnets – they are full of felt which seems to draw in more dust than you would believe. I also live very close to the ocean, so rust and general deterioration are greatly accelerated without the protection of a front.

With all of this in mind, i wanted to come up with a solution. 

Introducing: The Glassfront Project.

Combining 10mm thick glass and firm mounting points, these instruments capture the beauty of the internal mechanisms of the piano, without any of the audible or practical sacrifices. The toughened glass pushes the sound out through the soundboard. A light/lights are installed within the instrument to illuminate the beauty of the piano. With such a combination, we end up with something incredible, practical, and simply; unique.

It’s been an incredible journey seeing these instrument come to life, and my vision become a reality. For more information on how to obtain one of these instruments for yourself, look to my contact page on the website.


Joshua Rea